Introducing Stoic Solutions

Philosophy & Gear

Stoic Solutions is a small retail business located in Birmingham, AL.

My name is Nolan. During training and competitions I discovered gaps in my gear, so I set out to create a company to fill those gaps & collaborate with others that share the same goals.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of all Stoic Solutions LLC products is to
provide the end user with the ability to Gain Control,
Increase Stability, & Improve Accuracy. We are in
the business of maximizing effectiveness and making
an impact, not just noise.

Mission Statement

Our company’s mission statement is to “Challenge
the Standard.” Challenging the Standard means
always seeking improvement and innovation even
when that means going against the grain. Whether
that be mentally, physically, or spiritually. Life is a
journey and our goal is to inspire others to seek a
path of continued growth toward being 1% better
every day and to live by the golden rule of treating
others as we would want to be treated in order to
make a lasting impact on individuals, communities,
nations, and the world.

All products are hand crafted in the USA, with USA made materials. My prices reflect this and I hope that you can see the value of a quality product at a fair price.

We strive to operate with integrity, excellence, and compassion.

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